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Ministering to Unrepentant Members, Part 3

Audio from September 17, 2017 PM | Matt Postiff | 1 Corinthians 5
Posted September 21, 2017 | Length: 00:55:30 | File size in bytes: 9991728

After reading of Judges 4, the message examined the remaining 8 verses of 1 Corinthians 5, addressing how the church will be ruined if it does not practice church discipline, and how the church should relate to both unbelievers and professing believers who have been removed from the church. We also addressed questions about how to interact with unbelievers for the purpose of ministry, what to do about people who refuse to become members but who should be under the accountability ministry of the church, whether the church can remove someone for reasons other than unrepentant sinful behavior, and how a sinning pastor should be treated. Pastor Postiff also explained why a pastor should be a member of the church first before he is called to the pastoral office. There should never be an elder, pastor, or deacon who is a non-member.

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