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Energetic Growth - Matt Postiff

Posted November 6, 2017 | Length: 00:51:49 | File size in bytes: 9329364

After reading of Genesis 8, we continued the study of 2 Peter. Our translation of verses 1:5-7 are as follows: "Now indeed, for this very reason, making every effort, exert yourselves and supply along with your faith moral excellence, with moral excellence knowledge, with knowledge self-control, with self-control perseverance, with perseverance godliness, with godliness brotherly affection, and with brotherly affection love."

What we describe in this message about striving for spiritual growth is what the normal Christian life looks like. Anything else is abnormal. If you are not prioritizing spiritual growth, you need to be. Herein is a strong exhortation for YOU to live for the Lord. Listen, and prepare for God to convict you of sin.

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