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The Gospel, You, and Your Life's Goal - Matt Postiff

Audio from April 8, 2018 AM | Romans 15, other
Posted April 9, 2018 | Length: 00:52:38 | File size in bytes: 9476028

This message really consists of three separate messages. The first was a brief summary of the gospel, compressed from all the gospel preaching in Acts that we examined two weeks back. The second message was a list of questions that are meant to be checkpoints as to whether we are truly saved. As Pastor Postiff indicated in the message, this was no "to do list" to achieve salvation. It is meant as a check of the evidences of eternal life that are and should be present in your life if you are a Christian.

The third and longest portion of this morning's message had to do with our ministry and life aspirations. The key question was this: "What are you aiming for? What is your life goal?" We examined this from both a church-wide or corporate perspective, as well as from an individual perspective. Although much more remains to be said,

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