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Church Ministry Plan, and Divorce

Audio from April 15, 2018 AM | Matt Postiff | Mark 10
Posted April 18, 2018 | Length: 00:59:59 | File size in bytes: 10799136

After reading Genesis 29, our message this morning covered two topics. Pastor Postiff shared first how we should think about our overall ministry plan. In light of the mission of church, we started at the ultimate aim of everything--to glorify God. From this, we derived a statement that emphasized to accomplish that, we hope to be a growing church that carries out the Great Commission and exhibits the Great Commandment. Clear definitions of terms like church, and growing are an important part of understanding what our church life should be about.

Then, a pressing matter was brought to our attention from our series in Mark on Sunday nights. Having arrived at Mark 10 in that series, Pastor Postiff shifted over to the evening series for this morning meeting, and shared about the matter of divorce (starting at 38:50). Pastor added a postscript that those who have experienced divorce can repent and be restored to a harmonious relationship with God, and not have a special stigma attached to themselves by the church (57:40-end).

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