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Audio from May 20, 2018 PM | Matt Postiff | Various
Posted May 22, 2018 | Length: 00:41:15 | File size in bytes: 7425000

Our Q&A dealt with questions about the sanctification of unsaved children or spouses who are in a home with one believing parent/spouse. We discussed briefly the matter of divorce and remarriage, and what "under bondage" means in 1 Cor. 7:15. We made a connection to church discipline and how the unbeliever departing from the sanctifying influence of the believing spouse puts them in a more dangerous place in life.

We discussed the question about the role of husband and wife in marriage--specifically whether the roles were established because sin entered the world, or whether there would have been a differentiation of roles even if sin had not entered the world.

We read 1 Samuel 7. As often the case with our Q&A sessions, there are some parts hard to hear; most of the questions have been cut out of the recording because they were impossible to hear.

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