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Remember the Teaching - Matt Postiff

Posted February 1, 2015 | Length: 00:52:05 | File size in bytes: 9375048

At verse 17 Jude tells us more about what it means to contend for the faith. He tells us to remember apostolic teaching. He tells us to build each other up in the faith, to keep on praying, persevering, and looking for the coming mercy of Christ. He also tells us to proclaim the good news of Jesus so as to save some people from eternal fire. The task is difficult and dangerous, but God is able to protect you and present you faultless before His throne. Observe that verse 17 starts out with “but you” as does verse 20. Jude's focus now is not on "these" ungodly men, but on "you." Listen in as we review the apostles message about ungodly people.

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