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Audio from October 7, 2018 PM | Matt Postiff | Mark 1
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After reading 1 Samuel 21, Pastor answered a question about the destinies of Israel and the church to show how dispensational teaching should be properly understood. Namely, an earlier teaching of old Dispensationalism--or a mis-characterization of that teaching--is that the church has a heavenly future and Israel has an earthly future. That is incorrect. In fact, Israel and the Church will be together in the millennium, and in the eternal state on the earth.

Then starting at 16:05, we spent some time learning a Bible study method sometimes called "the Swedish method" using Mark 1 as an example. Pastor encouraged us to use this method with another believer or an unsaved acquaintance in one-to-one Bible study so as to reach people with the Word of God. This is how we are wrapping up our study of the gospel of Mark, which we began almost a year ago. At 26:25, you may wish to stop the recording for 5 or more minutes so that you can practice the method yourself on the template that we provided.The recording after this point has a lot of interaction between Pastor Postiff and the members of the church, some of which will be hard to hear and some of which was removed from the recording because it was impossible to hear.

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