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Condemnations Against Israel - James Widgeon

Audio from December 29, 2019 SS | Amos 3:1-15 and Amos 4:1-13
Posted January 2, 2020 | Length: 00:37:21 | File size in bytes: 6725376

In this message we continue our study in the book of Amos with emphasis on two condemnations against Israel by the Lord 1) Sin of Irresponsibility and 2) Sin of Idolatry. The Lord posed a series of questions to show that, as some things are certain in nature, surely nothing happens in Israel that is outside His sovereignty. Certain actions have certain results! The Lord had spoken a word, and therefore the prophet was to speak, and the people were to listen with trembling. Instead, they tried to silence the prophet. We later see that Israel did not accept the Lord's correction.

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