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Ezekiel for Dummies (Part 2) - Matt Postiff

Posted January 15, 2020 | Length: 00:49:19 | File size in bytes: 8877492

In chapters 8-11 Ezekiel sees a series of visions. In chapter eight we see how Israel fell into idolatry and we know God is a jealous God. In chapter nine Ezekiel has a vision seeing His servant angles to carry out His judgement on Israel. These angelic executioners came equipped with weapons of destruction. In chapter 10 God leaves the Temple. In chapter 11 we see God's further departure from the Temple. We also see how God will restore the nation of Israel in this chapter. In chapter twelve we see that Ezekiel portrays Judah's captivity. In chapter thirteen we see false prophecies by the prophets of Israel.

Our Scripture reading was found in 1 Kings 6:1-38.

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