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Immature Christians - Matt Postiff

Audio from March 8, 2020 AM | 1 Corinthians 3:1-23
Posted March 11, 2020 | Length: 00:59:41 | File size in bytes: 10745676

This morning we learn the definition of carnality, the problems it raises, and the proofs of its presence in the church and life of the believer. We study how carnality limits spiritual communication and reception of sound doctrine. The way Paul uses the word carnal refers to a bad level of Christian maturity out of which the person needs to grow quickly. Those who live in sin and don't care demonstrate that they don't actually have the Spirit of Christ dwelling in them. We also learn the two classes of people, Christians and non-Christians. And among Christians, there is an entire range various levels of maturity. We see Paul addressing the people of Corinth, stating they thought and acted like the people of the world - that is carnality. Carnality is not a state that you want to be in for any length of time. The Bible is clear from cover to cover that repentance is an essential description of true Biblical faith. Thus, the grace of God transforms a person so that they are a new creation. Every true believer is a disciple of Jesus Christ. The person must deny himself, and he must take up his cross, and he must follow God. All three are imperatives, not options.

Our Scripture readings were found in 1 Kings 8:35-66 and Psalms 91:1-16.

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