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The Awful Antichrist - Matt Postiff

Audio from April 26, 2015 AM | 2 Thessalonians 2:5-12
Posted May 3, 2015 | Length: 01:14:08 | File size in bytes: 13345236

The Thessalonians had been attacked by one or more false teachers who were trying to convince them that hte Day of hte Lord had already come, and that they missed out on important end-time events.

The apostle Paul exhorts them not to be deceived and reminds them of what he had taught them previously. The mystery of lawlessness is presently under the restraining hand of God, but will be unleashed at the appropriate time, leading to a great apostasy and the disclosure of the man of sin who is the very embodiment of evil. Millions of people will be influenced to follow his evil ways and to worship him. In the end, Christ will return and destroy the Antichrist by throwing him alive into the lake of fire.

Listen in for more details and a challenge to make sure you are in Christ so that you won't be deceived by the Antichrist.

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