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MiniFlash and Rapid Hebrew Reading

Posted by Matt Postiff September 2, 2008 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Hebrew 

The Rapid Hebrew Reading class at DBTS requires the student to learn a large number of words (2,153). To help, I've put together a MiniFlash flashcard database for my Palm PDA. To download it, click here and save the file on your computer.

To use this database, you need the MiniFlash software for your Palm or the PocketScholar software for your PocketPC. It is available at Once you install the software, you then install the .PDB file downloaded above on your handheld. The software will find the database and make it available to you to generate quiz decks and so on.

You may also wish to visit Dr. Robert McCabe's language tools website to download other vocabulary databases that correspond to smaller subsections of this huge database.

A lot of hours have gone into this project since 2003 when it began with a more modest-sized list of words (800 or so). Dr. McCabe did the painstaking task of constructing the initial database in FileMaker Pro. I took the database and programmatically translated the HebraicaII Hebrew font into the MiniFlash Hebrew font, did some other rearranging to make the data suitable for flashcards, added some automatic error checking and part-of-speech determination, and finally did the conversion of the new database into MiniFlash format. We've recently re-ordered the database so as to correspond to the reading assignments for the course.

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