How to Support Fellowship Bible Church

Fellowship Bible Church is supported by the voluntary gifts of God's people. We do not preach tithing at FBC because we recognize that we are not under the Law of Moses. God desires each believer to support His work cheerfully, generously, regularly, and sacrificially, without setting a certain percentage. Some can give more; others can give less. All can contribute to the church ministry in some manner.

What ministries are supported by your offerings? The first and foremost is the general church ministry, which includes such things as support of our pastoral staff, missionaries, local outreach, and building upkeep. Your support also helps our church planting ministry, benevolence, youth and children's work, Bible translation software, and upkeep of a mission agency website.

Sunday Morning Offering

The most common place for giving is during the offering in Sunday morning worship. We do not pass the offering plate at other services.

Through Your Bank

You can write a check manually, though fewer and fewer people are doing that. Or, you can instruct your bank's bill pay system to send a regular check in support of the church. The check arrives in the church mailbox at the schedule set by the donor. There is usually no charge by the bank for providing this service.

Normally, your bank will require information such as the following: payee is Fellowship Bible Church of Ann Arbor, payee address is 2775 Bedford Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, and phone 734-971-2837.

Online Giving

The church does not have an online means of giving. Services like Paypal charge a fee of at least 2.5%, and some charge much more. We may implement this service in the future.

Non-Cash Giving

In some circumstances, the church can receive donations in forms other than cash. This is particularly true if there is a specific need (a computer monitor, or books for the library). Such gifts can be accepted after approval by the church council.

Please let us know if there is any way that we can facilitate your offering to the Lord's work at Fellowship Bible Church.

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