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What Dispensationalism Is Not, Part 2

Posted by Matt Postiff April 22, 2010 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Dispensationalism 

Almost two years ago, I posted a list of things that are not necessary to the dispensational system of belief. In this post, I add one more that I ran into and had forgotten to call out in that post.

14. A particular view of Adam's headship in Romans 5. Many Dispensationalists believe that Adam's headship was of the realistic or seminal sort. In this view, when Adam sinned, humanity in him also sinned, and this sin then properly belongs to each individual in the race. However, there are others, like myself, who understand that Adam's headship was a representative or federal headship that resulted in the immediate imputation of Adam's sin to all of his posterity. Note what McCune writes in the second volume of his Systematic Theology: "It is sometimes suggested that this view assumes covenant theology and is, therefore, incompatible with Dispensationalism. There is, though, no necessary connection between this view and either system" (Rolland McCune, A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity, volume 2, p. 79, fn. 24.).

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