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Reading the Bible, Part 3

Posted by Matt Postiff September 24, 2013 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Bible Texts 

The third reason you should read the Bible is because it covers all the really important events of world history. Actually it is a library, a collection of 66 smaller books combined into one large book. The books describe the important events in world history and the things that God reckons as high priorities. For example:

  1. Creation - God created all things
  2. Corruption - the Fall into sin
  3. Catastrophe - the Flood that changed the world
  4. Confusion - Babel, the origin of languages
  5. Covenant - The promise of God to Abraham
  6. Commandment - Law of Moses, creation of the nation of Israel
  7. Christ - Son of God came to reveal God and die for us
  8. Cross - Jesus' Death for Sin to Provide Forgiveness and New Life
  9. Church - God's present-day work in God's people
  10. Coming - Jesus Christ is coming back a second time
  11. Consummation - Future kingdom, judgment, and heaven

The first 39 books are called by Christians the Old Testament. The same collection of books is called the Hebrew Bible by Jewish people because it was originally written almost entirely in the Hebrew language by Jewish authors. The last 27 books are called by Christians the New Testament. They were originally written in Greek.

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