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A Handy List of Lists

Posted by Matt Postiff November 4, 2013 on Matt Postiff's Blog under GeneralĀ 

Sometimes I run into a handy list that serves as a good reminder. Other times I create one. I thought I'd collect such lists here both as a place to store the summary of what I learned, and to hopefully help my readers. Enjoy!

Guest Blindness
  1. Gradual slippage is hard to detect
  2. Relationships can blind pastor to reality
  3. Pastor has received positive feedback from some
  4. Pastor does not ask for feedback from all guests
  5. Feedback from members is positive
Visitor Friendly Church
  1. Getting around: plenty of signage for everything
  2. Website: easy to find service times, doctrine, map
  3. Parking: make clear visitor spots
  4. Restroom: make it easy to find one
  5. Bible: show me how to follow along
  6. Connect: make it easy to connect to a small group
  7. Connect: tell me how to join the church
What is Reformed Theology?
  1. Historic orthodox doctrine
  2. Protestant Reformation doctrine
  3. Fundamental doctrine
  4. Calvinistic doctrine
  5. Covenant Theology
Reasons for Recent Rise of Calvinism - Mark Dever
  1. Writings of C. H. Spurgeon
  2. Writings and preaching of D. Martin Lloyd Jones
  3. Publishing of Banner of Truth Trust bringing Calvinist doctrine to readers
  4. Evangelism explosion showed Calvinists can be evangelistic
  5. Inerrancy controversy brings Calvinist theologians to forefront
  6. Founding of the PCA
  7. J. I. Packer's Knowing God
  8. Preaching and writing of R. C. Sproul and John MacArthur
  9. John Piper and Desiring God
  10. Young and African American Calvinism
  11. Reformed para-church ministries like T4T, TGC, 9 Marks, Acts 29 and popular speakers

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