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Defining Expository Preaching

Posted by Matt Postiff August 26, 2020 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Preaching  Interpretation 

There are probably many definitions of expository preaching out there, but let me give you mine:

Expository preaching is that method of preaching where a portion of the Bible text is explained and applied. Its goal for the audience is understanding and obedience.

To expand just a bit: The pastor carefully studies the text of Scripture in order to clearly explain the text and show how its truths can be applied to the audience. The pastor aims for the audience to actually understand what he has explained, and obey how the text should be applied. Explaining should lead to understanding, and application should lead to obedience.

In normal usage, the phrases "expository preaching" and "expositional preaching" refer to the same thing. Attempts to distinguish these two phrases seem unnecessarily picky.

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