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Two Ways - Matt Postiff

Audio from September 1, 2021 PM | Matthew 7:13-29, Part 3
Posted September 8, 2021 | Length: 00:28:15 | File size in bytes: 10172016

Jesus taught things directly. He did not mince words, use evasive language, or speak uncertainly or in generalities. He spoke clearly and specifically. He cut to the heart of the matter, not beating around the bush, or stopping short of what is truly needed. Consequently, the people were amazed. “Just who is this guy?!” He demanded people follow HIS words, not the Pharisee’s words. The audience was not left in the dark. They were unable to “spin” His words in a self-favoring, “do-nothing” sense. They were forced to deal with this. It was clear, unlike the teaching of the Pharisees and Scribes before Jesus came onto the scene. Their teaching was likely of the sort that we see today: easybelievism, so-and-so says this or book such-and-such says that, or “hath God said?” which attacks the Word of God by questioning it and creating doubt. There are still people out there who, though inoculated against such authoritative teaching, can still experience a breakthrough case of the gospel and be saved. Millions of souls need direct, soul-saving teaching of God’s word. They are not getting it in the world with all its mish-mash. Fluff teaching kills, my friends, because it lets people live in their own little world and foggy brain. Soon it will be too late. Direct teaching wakes up a soul and could well save it. This we know for sure—if someone does not respond to Christ, 11 they will definitely not be saved. And if they are not presented clearly with the truth, how can they respond? Christian faith is life transforming. It is live saving. It is life-preserving. It is the only safe option in the coming deluge of judgment and the storms of life. You must be settled on the Rock of your salvation, Jesus Christ, else you will be crushed by the fall of your house onto your head. There are only two ways to go: narrow gate or broad gate, difficult way or easy way, good fruit or bad fruit, true relationship or pretend, solid foundation or sandy foundation, obedience to God’s word or disobedience. You must make a choice. You must make a choice. Choose life. Choose today whom you will serve.

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