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The Coming Judgment on Edom, Part 6 - James Widgeon

Posted January 3, 2022 | Length: 00:38:40 | File size in bytes: 13921488

In this message speaker James Widgeon leads our study in the book of Obadiah. The Lord speaks through the prophet that judgement has come to Edom and her ruin has been brought through the nations sins and would be utterly destroyed. We review the covenant God established with Abraham as well as his sons Jacob who would father the nation of Israel and Esau who would father the nation of Edom. God has spoken that destruction and ruin will come to Edom because of how they mistreated their brother, the nation of Israel during their captivity. Later in the text, we see God's promise to restore the nation of Israel, whereby God's people would rule over the nations that had previously oppressed them and the kingdom will be the Lord's.

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