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Strengthening the Souls of the Disciples - Matt Postiff

Audio from June 12, 2024 PM | Acts 14:21-28
Posted June 12, 2024 | Length: 00:38:53 | File size in bytes: 13998816

This reminds us of several truths that we need to really engage with: 1. Paul and his missionary team were doing exactly what the Great Commission told them to do. 2. The Great Commission is not just about preaching the gospel, but doing the next steps – making disciples, maturing disciples, organizing disciples into churches with pastors. The Great Commission requires more of us than to only share the gospel. There is also required continued teaching, encouragement, warning, and establishing of local churches with qualified leadership. 3. Our church’s missions program needs to be focused on this kind of work—since that is what the Great Commission is! Social programs are not missions. If we keep that clear, we have the start of a good foundation to go forward in our missionary program. 4. Our local church ministries and programs need to be focused on making disciples, not just doing things for things’ sake.

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