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Health and Safety Guidelines for Vacation Bible School

By sending your children to VBS, you are agreeing to these "terms and conditions" and also agreeing not to hold the church liable if one of your children catches an illness. The church obviously cannot guarantee that there will be no asymptomatic children present, or that no illness could be passed from one person to another. While we can do things to minimize risk, it is impossible to eliminate risk unless we cancel the entire event.

In order to offer a healthy and safe environment for all participants, both attendees and workers, the following health and safety guidelines are steps that we will be implementing to the best of our ability to reduce the risk of anyone contracting any sicknesses or diseases. Please read the following statement thoroughly and contact the church if you have any questions.

Illness & Symptoms

Any attendee or worker that has been ill or shown symptoms of illness in the last 72 hours will not be permitted to attend. This guideline will be enforced each day. We will not be taking temperatures at the beginning of the day but can ask anyone to leave or be picked up if they begin to show symptoms of illness during the day. We ask that workers monitor their own health and that parents monitor the health of their children during the week. Parents must be very cautious about sending children unless you are absolutely sure they are well.

Face Masks & Social Distancing

Face masks are welcomed, and students who wish to wear a mask must bring their own. Masks will not be required for students or workers. Seating in the auditorium during main sessions as a large group will be in rows and each row will be spread apart six feet, but we will not be enforcing strict social distancing during the rotational classes or in hallways.

Given the current circumstances, the risk of contracting any illness cannot be completely eliminated. For those parents or children with pre-existing conditions or who are uncomfortable with large group settings, it would be best to contact us to see what accommodations could be made.

Check-In & Check-Out Procedure

Check-in will take place at the front entrance outside the church building. Students will be given a disposable name tag at the beginning of each day. Check-out at the end of the day will take place outside of the building at the front entrance. You may come to the auditorium to escort your child out once you we have verified you at the front entrance. We will not allow anyone to pick up your child whose name was not stated on the registration as authorized to pick up your child.

Food & Drink

In order to minimize the risk of contamination and touching the face the drinking fountains will be off limits. Personal size disposable water bottles will be provided at the end of the game period each day and should not be shared. Personal packaged snacks will be provided each day. As usual, please indicate on the registration form any food allergies.

Air Movement and Filtration in the Building

Extra outdoor fresh air is being brought into the building (far above code requirements) and "old" air is being exhausted in an effort to keep the building air fresh and clean. In our fellowship hall where snacks and some activities are done, we have installed a UV light disinfection system in the air conditioning air handler. A UV light disinfection system has also been installed in the auditorium system as well.

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