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Greetings! I would like to extend a warm welcome to you as you visit our website. I hope that you will find the Bible notes, sermon audio, and other documentation to be of help to you as you study the Bible, and consider what kind of church God would have you to attend.

If you are wondering where to go to church, please visit FBC some Sunday or Wednesday and see for yourself what we are all about. You can find directions and service times in the 'Connect' menu on the top of this page. When you arrive at Fellowship Bible, you will find friendly people, a solid old school building that we have repurposed for church use, and most importantly, folks who desire to worship the Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth. Our focus is on expository Bible preaching through entire books of the Bible, and traditional-style music. If you don't find what you are looking for on our website, please contact me through the Connect menu or by using the form at the bottom of this web page, and I will get back with you soon.

If you are not a Christian, may I invite you to consider what the Bible says about Christianity? One way you can do that is to click the Connect menu, and then select "With God."

When I was a young man, I was brought up going to church. Somehow I knew, though, that going to church did not make me a good person! There are lots of people who go to church that do not act like Christians should.

The Bible tells us God exists and that he created mankind to have a perfect relationship with him. However, the first man disobeyed God and chose his own way. This was the first human sin. As a result, his offspring (all of us included) became sinners too. We are by nature those who stray from God's desires. Our hand is always in the cookie jar, so to speak. Well, I was a young boy and I knew that I did wrong.

I learned that the Bible says that unless I am perfect, I am not going to "make the cut" and get into heaven. That was a problem, because I was afraid to go to the other place! But the good news was that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to the earth, died in my place for my sins, and rose again from the grave. If I would believe in him, the Bible says, I would have eternal life because His perfection would be imputed to me. That solved my biggest problem! And I had no good reason to think there was some other way to get to heaven (and there isn't) so I trusted in Jesus and I became a Christian. I now "made the cut," not because I was a superstar, but because Jesus is the perfect "Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world."

Contrary to many other religious systems, the teaching of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ is that simple--receive him and you will be saved! There are no specific things that one can do (good works) in order to be saved. Expressing a committed trust in the Lord Jesus Christ is all that God asks.

Please do not hesitate to come or give a call if you have questions. We would be glad to be of whatever help we can.

Warmest regards through the Lord Jesus Christ, and we hope to see you soon at church!

Pastor Matt Postiff

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